Difference Between iPhone and Smartphone

There are things that for some may seem simple and obvious, but they are not at all, on the contrary, often the differences are so subtle that those who approach the world of technology for the first time find themselves having to learn many technical terms, all together. ! For example, what is the difference between Android, iPhone, and smartphone? What would be better to buy for those who are just starting out?

Difference Between iPhone and Smartphone

In today’s guide, I’ll explain all the differences: after reading it you will no longer have any doubts. Welcome to the world of technology, I am ready to guide you in small steps and you will see, soon you will become an expert.

Difference between Android iPhone and smartphone

Let’s start by understanding what a smartphone is.

A smartphone is the latest-generation mobile phone, one of those that can connect to the internet. So if a mobile phone can get you surfing, then it’s a smartphone. Otherwise, it is a simple mobile.

Smartphones are like small computers: they allow you to go on the internet and do many other things: photos, videos, listen to music, take notes. To work, just like PCs, they need an operating system.

Smartphones, depending on the operating system they have, are divided into three broad categories:

IOS vs Android User Experience

  • Smartphone with Android operating system;
  • Smartphone with the iOS operating system;
  • Smartphone with Windows Phone operating system.

There are a lot of Android smartphones: HTC, Motorola, Huawei, Samsung, LG, etc. Those with Windows Phone are usually Nokia. Finally, with iOS, there is only one smartphone, which is the iPhone.

Each operating system is different: there are those who are better off with Android, those with iOS, and someone else with Windows Phone. If you are inexperienced, I recommend that you get a cheap Android smartphone, for no more than 100/150 euros. There are so many and also very good ones. So you can start practicing with the technology.

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