Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey

taco bell survey

The American fast-food chain Taco Bell is inviting its clients to require part in a web customer satisfaction survey to supply honest feedback about their experience at any of its locations within the US. this may get them the prospect to win a $500 check. Entrants must keep the receipt of their last visit to a Taco Bell restaurant. After entering all the knowledge provided, they will start the Tellthebell … Read more

Difference Between iPhone and Smartphone

Difference Between iPhone and Smartphone

There are things that for some may seem simple and obvious, but they are not at all, on the contrary, often the differences are so subtle that those who approach the world of technology for the first time find themselves having to learn many technical terms, all together. ! For example, what is the difference … Read more

How to Reply on Whatsapp Without Entering Android

Reply on Whatsapp Without Entering Android

How to reply on Whatsapp without entering the application? Perhaps to some, this question might seem a little nonsense, but it isn’t. In fact, on the Android operating system, but also on iOS, there is a little trick that allows you to reply to Whatsapp messages without even opening it. All you have to do … Read more

How to Fix Android Not Connecting to Wi-Fi?

Android Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Just today when you needed to connect to the home internet network, your Android smartphone/tablet has started to throw a tantrum: the internet connection is unstable, or it does not connect to wifi or it connects but does not surf. Why doesn’t it work properly anymore? The problems could be more than one. Then follow … Read more