How to Fix Android Not Connecting to Wi-Fi?

Just today when you needed to connect to the home internet network, your Android smartphone/tablet has started to throw a tantrum: the internet connection is unstable, or it does not connect to wifi or it connects but does not surf. Why doesn’t it work properly anymore? The problems could be more than one.

Android Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Then follow the advice in this guide: all the possible solutions to your problem are listed, from the simplest ones (often a simple and small distraction) to modifying settings that are a little more important. I promise you will not waste more than five minutes!

Mobile Smartphone or Tablet

If you can’t connect to your home wifi, try these solutions:

SOLUTION 1: Turn off the internet connection of your mobile / tablet and also turn off the home modem. Many times the problem is really very simple and just restart both devices to re-establish the connection!

SOLUTION 2: If the problem persists, another trick that often leads to resolution is to deactivate the wifi connection on the mobile phone, activate the airplane mode, and then, after a couple of minutes, reactivate the wifi connection.

SOLUTION 3: Try restarting the device in safe mode. You have to do this: tap the shutdown button of the device, then choose “Shut down and restart” or press “Shutdown” for a few moments and confirm that you want to enter safe mode by clicking OK. While in safe mode turn off and turn on your mobile as normal.

Fix Android Phone not Connecting to Wifi Internet

SOLUTION 4: You managed to connect to the internet but the speed is really… shameful? Also in this case I suggest you try to turn the modem and smartphone off and on again. If the problem continues, it could simply be the degree of congestion of the home internet network: if a lot of people at that moment are connected to the internet through that operator, then the navigation will be slower. I, therefore, recommend that you try to connect to the network with another device (a PC or another smartphone) to check if it is slow with that too. If so, then it is your home network that is slow and does not depend on your Android smartphone.

To check the efficiency of your internet network, I recommend Speedtest, a simple tool that allows you to check the actual speed of your internet connection. In fact, if it is too low, you can send a complaint to your manager.

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